Providence now offering Bachelor of Science degree Image

Providence now offering Bachelor of Science degree

Expanding Our Curriculum General

Beginning next month Providence University College students can pursue a Bachelor of Science at the Otterburne, Manitoba campus. The degree offering follows last year’s bolstering of PUC science courses and builds on the leadership of program coordinator and award-winning researcher Dr. Rebecca Dielschneider.

“Our Bachelor of Science will enable students to pursue lab-based careers or obtain prerequisites for careers in education, kinesiology, medicine, medical laboratory science, nursing, rehabilitation sciences and graduate studies,” explains Dielschneider, who holds a BIOTECanada Gold Leaf Award for Biotechnology Research.

She says students will also receive training in ethics and statistics and that the exploration of faith-science intersections at the Christian institution will make this degree unique.

The Providence B.Sc. includes new courses and labs in cell biology, chemistry, genetics and microbiology. Students can expect to receive hands-on experience with a wide array of chemicals and biological materials, including Risk Group 2 cell types.

“I’m excited to offer a bit of everything,” says Dielschneider, whose previous leukemia research has gone to clinical trial. “I’m particularly looking forward to teaching upper-level courses on immunology and cancer biology.”

Providence students will find Dielschneider, named to CBC Manitoba’s Future 40 under 40 list, to be approachable and enthusiastic.

“I love my job, and I truly want to help students succeed,” she says.

Science courses at PUC are delivered in a state-of-the-art facility, completed in 2016 as part of the IMPACT 2020 campaign.

(Top photo: 2016-17 science students in class; Bottom photo: Dr. Rebecca Dielschneider in her classroom at Providence)