Work continues on residence renovation and Bergen Hall cleanup Image

Work continues on residence renovation and Bergen Hall cleanup

Campus Enhancements General

Providence is preparing for the September arrival of new and returning students by renovating several of its residence facilities.

Work is completed in one of the 28-student capacity dormitories, with new flooring fixtures and furniture having recently been installed. Crews have already begun refurbishing another building, and the renewal of these existing structures will continue over the following weeks and months.

The renovations follow the June 1 fire that consumed the Bergen Hall residence. Additional, temporary housing will be put in place in August. Providence looks forward to providing all its residence students with comfortable, modern housing options as it prepares for the construction of new, state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly living spaces.

Meanwhile, cleanup continues at the Bergen Hall site as the campus gets ready for Welcome Week, which begins September 1.

(Photo: New beds, which can be arranged separately or as bunks, arrive in refurbished suites, along with new desks.)

Renovation continues in existing residence facilities.

Jacob Tamlin, former Mile Two student and staff

The walls of Pearce have born mute witness to laughter and tears, to joy and to sorrow. Though the students of Mile Two go to the classroom and the city to learn and serve, the dorm is a safe place for them to nurture and grow. I myself have taken part in and observed countless discussions on deep topics; the nature of love, issues of interpretation and what it looks like to fear the Lord, all while ensconced in the comfort of the couches in the dorm lounge. New renovations will only improve on the community building within, making the dorm an even more desirable place to hang out.”