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Buller School of Business impressing

Expanding Our Curriculum General

Young students and recent high school graduates often find it difficult knowing what educational experiences are best suited for their future prospects. Cody Erickson’s experience has been no different, as he wanted to be as certain as he could that his education would prepare him for a career in business.

When Cody, a transfer student from another institution, began at Providence, the winter semester had already begun. He had heard that the Buller School of Business had just been launched in a state-of-the-art facility. A hard-working enrollment officer ensured he was in class that very semester despite his late application. He quickly knew that Providence was the right place for him.

Formerly discouraged by the difficulties of building relationships at such a large institution, Cody now finds himself in classes with 12-20 students. “The class size at my old university was bigger than the student population of Providence,” he says. He now knows every classmate’s name and notices a willingness to converse in the halls.

Cody has also noticed that his professors are dedicated to him as a student. “At Providence, I’ve never once been told that my professor can’t help me,” he explains “If I stop by their offices, they seem to almost always be available to talk.”

One of the most encouraging aspects of Cody’s Providence experience has been, as he says, “knowing all of my professors and all of my professors knowing me.” The improvement of his relationships with his professors and peers has dramatically enhanced his confidence and given him a more positive outlook on the future of his education. “Everything from accounting, statistics, to micro and macroeconomics is equal to my previous education, except I can now experience it in a much more comfortable and personal setting,” Cody points out.

The Buller School of Business helps students launch their careers through resume and career advice, mentoring services, opportunities to meet business leaders in the community and invitations to employer recruiting events. Under the guidance of professors, many students are assisted in finding positions that will provide valuable experience in their fields.

Providence business students receive an education of the highest academic standards in a learning environment that emphasizes faith, character and skills development.