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Completed technology upgrades

Campus Enhancements General Providence Fund

Enhancements to our campus are already helping us serve more students! Improvements, like those completed in Seminary classroom 4H31, contribute to an experience that allows our strong Christ-centred community and rigorous academic standards to be accessible to more students.

Completed technology upgrades to the classroom were guided by the vision of discussion-based classes. A large conferencing table encourages participation and a new camera, fully automatic, videos interaction based on who is speaking. Distance education students who join courses by video conference experience a seamless integration and can see and hear without added juggling for the professor. A larger touch screen projector now allows professors to make notes directly on the screen with their finger! The space also received a full facelift, including new paint, carpet and motorized blackout blinds. Two walls now act as whiteboard space and a coffee counter will help facilitate the hosting of long classes and modules.

Third year seminary student Marcelo Wall, who came to Manitoba from Asunción, Paraguay, aims to return home to teach in a Bible College. Upgrades to classrooms are important in his eyes,

“My classroom experience has been fundamental to the education that I will take back home with me to influence others. Two specific things stand out from this experience: the ongoing conversations during and after class with my classmates from other cultures and denominations, and the motivation in seeing others struggling through the same homework. The renovations that Providence has made so far in the classrooms enables students such as myself to be able to have rich dialogue with students throughout Canada and even with students from South America. What can be better than to study the Bible with the global Church?”