Dr. Michalis Andronikou inspiring young musicians by example Image

Dr. Michalis Andronikou inspiring young musicians by example

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IMPACT 2020 has been transformative in the development of faculty resources. This past summer, Providence welcomed Dr. Michalis Andronikou to the University College faculty (read about him here). Dr. Andronikou, Associate Professor of Composition and Theory, holds a PhD in composition from the University of Calgary and integrates his love of his vocation with his teaching.

As a composer, I write music for the community and aim to inspire people around me. I try to compose every day, even when “there is no time!” By doing this, I express my feelings and thoughts, I communicate, I explore and discover new music, and I feel blessed.

Oscar Wilde wrote in his essay “The Decay of Lying,” “[…] all that I desire to point out is the general principal that Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.” As a teacher, I often realize that the students see their professors as their role models, even if they do not do it consciously. They compose more and they take music seriously, if their teachers do, so I believe that my excitement for composition is a positive experience for them, to continue pursuing their music studies with passion. I am happy to see all of my students composing two or three pieces each, in less than a semester. I am also happy to see other students, who are not specializing in music, be interested in my work and come talk to me about it.

Music can have a key-role in connecting faith, emotion and intellect. After all, you have to combine all of the above, in order to start composing. You have to have faith that you will complete your composition, you have to think of the form, the method and the techniques, and you have to have passion and love for what you do.

I am always happy to see my students succeed in their careers, and I am sure that we will hear great things about Providence students in the near future.”