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Three generations

General Providence Fund

“Like other investments, we trust that Providence will use this money to impact student’s lives, just as it has for three generations of our family.” 

Bret and Cathleen Loge toured many universities with their daughter Natasha. Both Alumni, they did their best to ensure she felt no pressure to choose Providence. Bret’s parents had met at Winnipeg Bible College, and his father served as staff. The family was familiar with the institution. When Natasha visited campus, she immediately felt at home; the course offerings met her educational expectations and she confidently decided to attend.

Natasha Loge

Challenged by her classes and impacted by the Providence community, Natasha is graduating this month with a Bachelor of Business Administration. Bret and Cathleen explain, “As we reflect on her Providence education, it is evident to us the role that Providence has played in shaping her, just as it has for three generations of our family.” Natasha has grown to see business as a mission, which is Bret and Cathleen’s philosophy of business as well. Cathleen notes, “Often, she will call to inquire about how we incorporate a business principle into our practice and in this way we know that Natasha is learning real-world skills.” An entrepreneurial approach to leadership has always been important to, and evident in, the Loge family. The way in which Natasha served the community as the 2017-2018 Student Council President depicts this clearly.

Bret and Cathleen felt a desire to invest in the kingdom now; they chose to support the Providence Fund. Supporting the Providence Fund ensures that every student is afforded the best possible educational experience each day. The Providence Fund is the way in which all gifts bridge the gap between the amount of tuition received and the actual cost of educating each student.

Bret and Cathleen Loge

“We made a financial commitment to Providence out of the belief that education is the infrastructure on which other ministries are built. Our gift to Providence is being multiplied by way of transformational people who can invest in society. Providence has poured this gift into students for generations.

Giving to the Providence Fund is a way of investing in the young people who will take our places in communities, workplaces, and the world. Will you join with us in making this difference?”