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Training future leaders

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Providence graduates, challenged to use their education for the greater good, move into careers in various fields and professions and are often found listed in the staff directories of para-church ministries. The updates that alumni send Providence indicate the commitment and passion our graduates have for their vocations.

Community Minister, Inner City Youth Alive

Jessica Plett – University College, 2015

“When I first began working at Inner City Youth Alive (ICYA), I was a part of the Bridge Drop In team before I transitioned into my current role as a Community Minister. I have the privilege of walking alongside young women and their families through the ups and downs. This could mean walking alongside them through the justice system, advocating on behalf of youth, meeting with lawyers and parole officers, and visiting the Manitoba Youth Center (MYC). I’ve had the opportunity to help lead Bible studies in one of the cottages at MYC. I’m able to do home visits where I get to meet extended family, help people find jobs and learn how to budget. We have Bible studies with the women at my house once a week. It’s about building relationships, empowering, and pointing people to Jesus. Through Field Ed requirements, as well as the internship I did with ICYA as part of my degree, I became confident that working with youth in Winnipeg’s North End was something I wanted to do. Providence provided space for me to learn, grow, and mature in my faith before entering into full time ministry and I’m extremely grateful for that time.”

TESOL Instructor and Developer, TeachBeyond

Katy Shimp – University College, 2012 & 2018 (with David, her husband)

“When I moved from Germany to Canada after high school, I planned to work and save some money for a year, but my sister encouraged me to take the TESOL certificate. I am eternally thankful to her for that suggestion! I fell in love with teaching and decided to pursue education and found myself back at Providence enrolled in the Master of Arts TTESOL program. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work at Providence as an ESL instructor as well as an instructor in the University College TESOL department. In 2017, my husband, also an ESL instructor, and I moved to Brazil to work with TeachBeyond. We have been developing an English school in one of the poorer areas of Brasilia. We are hoping to open in August 2018! Last month I finished my M.A. in spring of 2018 and was fortunate enough to travel back to Providence to defend my thesis and graduate. It was wonderful to be back and see many familiar faces. I am so thankful for the mentorship I had at Providence and for the knowledge I gained there, as I grew academically and spiritually.”

 Girls Program Facilitator, Liberty for Youth

Rebecca (Friesen) Burlet with her family

“Since Graduating from Providence Theological Seminary (2011), my husband Dustin Burlet (2011) and I moved to Sexsmith, Alberta where we had our two sons, Malachi and Ezra. We then moved to Hamilton, Ontario were we had our daughter Daisha. My husband Dustin was a teacher at Peace River Bible Institute in AB where I stayed at home with our children and did a little counselling. Currently, my husband is earning his Ph.D., while I get to work an exciting job at Liberty for Youth mentoring at risk youth, going for hikes to waterfalls, and being involved in these woman’s lives.”

 Volunteer Coordinator, Siloam Mission

Nathan Schmidt – University College, 2015

“I studied Business Administration and currently am working at Siloam Mission in the Volunteer Services department as a Volunteer Coordinator. The programs and services that Siloam Mission offers are possible by the many hours that volunteers contribute. Volunteers help in a wide variety of activities that range from food preparation, meal serving, donation sorting, health care, art facilitation, hair styling, and so on. My specific role in the department pertains to the groups that we host. I help with scheduling, basic training, and more or less assisting with volunteer’s needs. The time spent living in community and serving as a Resident Assistant at Providence helped develop skills in working, communicating, and dialoguing with others. My studies at Providence also helped me develop critical thinking skills that are coupled with an empathy towards others.”

Not-for-profits, social enterprises and churches are stronger, more effective and more compassionate because of alumni like Jessica, Katy, Rebecca and Nathan. For nearly 100 years, generations of supporters have made Providence education possible, empowering students who go on to lead organizations that engage in complex societal concerns. The bold vision of Impact 2020 ensures that future leaders are prepared to answer the call of Christ to serve the Church and the world.

Our vision is to be identified among Canada’s foremost Christian universities as a learning community that transforms students into what society needs now and in the future – leaders of knowledge, character and faith.