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Church in Long-Time Partnership with Providence

General Providence Fund

Twenty-five years ago, Terry Kaufman, Senior Preaching Pastor at Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church, graduated from Providence Seminary with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies. Today, he is more-than-ever aware of the impact this experience had on his life, not only in equipping him for ministry but also by introducing him to life-long friends who still speak into his life today.

Terry’s story is similar to many who belong to the Emmanuel church family. Emmanuel has had a long partnership with Providence in making and training disciples and equipping them for service. Terry explains why his congregation, a faithful monthly supporter of the Providence Fund, has purposed to partner with Providence.

“We believe that Providence has been used by God, is being used by God, and will continue to be used by God to ‘equip his people for works of service.’ There is training and teaching that schools like Providence can provide that the local church cannot do as well. Thus, Providence is a partner with us in the work God has called us to, and we need to support our partners, through prayer, finances, and the sending of students.”

Providence is encouraged by churches like Emmanuel who see Providence’s mission to teach people to grow in knowledge and character for leadership and service as an opportunity for partnership. As Terry put it, and Providence agrees, “We are doubly blessed to have Emmanuel people at Providence and Providence people at Emmanuel.”

Twenty-five years later, Terry recognizes the longevity of the bearing Providence has had on his life and the lives of others.

“I believe supporting Providence is supporting future and present leaders whose faith shapes their lives and impact. Our land needs that. That is a worthy cause.”