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Graduating Leaders of Choice


With only a few short weeks left in the semester, and with the promise of graduation fanfare awaiting them, graduating students like Brett are focused on wrapping up papers, presentations and exams.

Though graduation is largely the culminating academic achievement of a student’s career, at Providence we are in the business of training students to grow not only in knowledge, but in faith and character, through the values of academic excellence, Christ-centredness, and community.

That is why it makes perfect sense when graduating student Brett (BA General Studies) points to his fellow students, professors, and coaches in speaking about his Providence experience.

Having transferred from a school where his class sizes were larger than Providence’s entire student body, Brett is enthusiastically appreciative of the close and connected community he found at Providence. He experienced his professors to be personable and genuinely caring, as well as passionate about their subject matter. On the Pilots Men’s Volleyball team (which ended their season and Brett’s college volleyball career by winning the MCAC Championships!), Brett says his coaches modelled healthy relationships, productive and effective team management, and conflict resolution. Even his participation in the annual Providence fundraising PhoneAThon gave him an opportunity to expand his comfort zone and practice skills which will be valuable to him as he pursues a career in business and finance following graduation.

Our graduation ceremonies on April 13 (Providence Theological Seminary) and April 14 (Providence University College) will applaud and commend those who have worked hard to complete their programs, honour those who have earned special recognition through faculty-appointed awards, and remember past graduating classes and alumni who are working as difference-makers in the church and in society.

Providence is “an excellent place to gain your education,” Brett remarks, “in an environment with close community, having professors who really care and prepare you for your life after grad.”

In a few weeks, Brett and his classmates will cross the stage in the Jubilee Auditorium, marking their student journey at Providence complete. We look forward to celebrating them for a job well done and sending them out to join other Providence Alumni as difference-makers and leaders serving Christ and His Church.