Living and Learning Centre Update #2 Image

Living and Learning Centre Update #2


Construction on the new Living and Learning Centre continues!

“It is exciting to see the progress on our new LLC. It amazes me how it can go from a few steel beams sticking out of the ground to a shell of a building in such a short time,”

says Heath Holden, chair of the Campus Redevelopment Taskforce.

He continues, “Being part of the planning for so long and only looking at a drawing on paper, it is great to see the actual size and start to visualize the space in three dimensions. It is big, and it will certainly make a statement on our campus. I can’t wait to see the view of the river from the third floor.”

In early May, the hollow core flooring slabs were installed. Hollow core concrete slabs, as the name implies, have tubular voids running through the length of the slab. The slab is much lighter but equally as strong as solid concrete slabs of similar thickness.

As of mid-July, the super structure is almost completed, and the summer months will see more work carried out on the building exterior. The construction team will also begin preliminary interior framing. Completing the roof has been especially important as the interior trades, such as electrical wiring and plumbing, require the building interior to be enclosed and protected from the elements.

At this stage of construction, the progress is visibly measurable.

“We anticipate a big reaction from returning students when they come back for the start of the school year. When they left for their summer break they would have just seen a hole in the ground and when they return the entire building will be standing and enclosed – that should help create a buzz of excitement on campus,” said Alan Klippenstein, Project Manager with Three Way Builders.

During a recent walk-through, Cameron McKenzie, Provost and VP Academic, got a glimpse of what how the new space will feel.

“The program space on the first level with the large windows looking out over the river will create amazing opportunities for student living and learning. I think the student residents will love the public spaces even more than they love the residence rooms.”

We are very excited for our students to experience this new residence hall!