We are excited to present you information regarding the new student residence. As we are in the process of developing our plans for this residence, there might be questions that will still be unanswered. Note that as more details develop, we will share these with you!

The new residence, named Muriel Taylor Hall, opened in early 2020. Read more here!

**Please Note: Renderings are only representational. Exterior finishes, colours, interior layouts and furniture will likely change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we build a new Residence?

Our previous student residence, Bergen Hall, was destroyed in a fire on June 1, 2017. Because we are a residential campus, we needed to replace the lost spaces and plan for an increase in student growth.

The new building design promotes a fun and thriving Christ-centered student learning community, with a bright, warm and inviting home-like atmosphere. We describe and label this residence as a ‘Living and Learning Centre’ because we believe that learning also happens outside the classroom, and this building was intentionally designed for that purpose. The mission of Providence is that we become people of knowledge and character who lead and serve others. Our vision is that our mission is lived out inside this new student ‘home’ as the spiritual, academic and community life of students is brought together.

Read more here!

Where is the new Residence located?
  • West of Eichhorst and directly south of the Reimer Student Life Centre
  • Located closer to Eichhorst than where Bergen Hall was located
When is the building of the Residence happening?

The Bergen Hall foundation was removed in March of 2018 to make space for the new residence foundation. Digging for the new foundation began in November 2018, and the foundation was laid in January 2019. By July 2019, the super structure was almost completed, and interior framing had begun. Students moved into the new residence January 2020! The exterior will be completed later in 2020.

Who will be living in and using the Residence?
  • 60 female students on the upper two floors
  • Two staff/faculty in two staff/faculty apartments
  • The community space can be used by all members of the Providence community
  • Not all residence students will live in the new residence and current residence buildings will still house residence students
What does the Residence look like?
  • The building is in the shape of a T
  • 3 stories with an elevator making the building fully accessible
  • 1st floor is community space and staff apartments with a large community lounge & kitchen, prayer/reflection room, group study rooms, classroom, laundry, etc.
  • The 2nd and 3rd floors include female residential spaces
  • Each residence floor has 2 ‘pods’ (wings) with approximately 16 students in each pod, mostly double-occupancy rooms
  • Each residence floor has lounge and study space

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“Living in Residence has given me the freedom to discover who I am by providing me with an independent space to grow, coupled with the security of a loving community.”

Holly Ammerman BA (Adv) Social Sciences and Resident Assistant, 2018

“Residence life is important because it provides an opportunity to practice leadership and service with those around you. It also allows you to meet friends that you will keep for life!”

Joseph Hoogerdijk BBA and Senior Resident Assistant, 2019

“I see the tremendous impact that a residence environment has in creating a thriving campus life. This new Living and Learning Centre will be an innovative space for students to grow in knowledge and character. I am convinced that this new project will facilitate and nurture our learning community.”

Marlin Reimer Associate-Vice President for Student Life

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