Goal: $500,000

Our goal is to attract and retain committed, high-quality faculty and staff who will provide a holistic education recognized as among the best that Christian universities in Canada offer. To accomplish this goal we invest in their research and professional development.

Our faculty and staff are training the next generation of pastors, entrepreneurs, teachers, community leaders, healthcare professionals, counsellors, engineers, scientists, and academics to be skilled followers of Christ in their communities and workplaces. The impact of this investment spans generations. That’s why it’s vitally important to build a base of ongoing support for Providence faculty and staff that will match their long-term influence.


63 Full-Time faculty and staff (average length of service – 13 years)
25 Part-Time faculty and staff (average length of service – 7 years)
88 total faculty and staff



Research Support

Providence faculty make extraordinary contributions in both the community and classroom. Increased research support will empower Providence to maintain a competitive edge in recruiting new and retaining accomplished faculty.

Individual Professional Development

Impact 2020 resources will help Providence incorporate training and professional opportunities that develop employees toward long-term career goals leading to increased job satisfaction.

Institutional Development

The importance of staying current on the latest developments is not only increasingly important but is an essential way to stay competitive in an ever-changing educational landscape.

We will:

  • Enable faculty and staff to have more opportunities to present their work at and attend conferences specific to their field of work.
  • Empower faculty and staff to pursue scholarly activities.
  • Establish annual lectureships which benefit our faculty and staff as well as our students.

The people here are very dedicated. They are here because it is their mission to invest in the students; to invest in future leaders. To invest in us so they can invest in the world. That’s the best investment that they can do.


Join with us today in making an impact and invest in our staff and faculty

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