Goal: $6,000,000

We want to ensure that every student is afforded the best possible education experience Providence can offer each and every day. A robust Providence Fund empowers us to provide day-to-day excellence to all our students, both future and current, fulfilling our mission and developing leaders who are difference-makers in their churches, workplaces, and communities.

Providence Fund: Offer Excellent Education
  • Tuition dollars do not cover the full cost of the education program at Providence. Costs are $500,000 (approximately $1,000 more per student) more than we charge in tuition. We want to continue to lower costs for students to make Christian higher education as affordable and available as possible to all prospective students.
  • Investments into the Providence Fund will help bridge the gap between tuition dollars received and our required funds needed to provide quality education.
  • Investments into the Providence Fund will also provide students with the academic rewards of scholarships or the needed funds through bursaries for each student to pursue their studies at Providence. We desire to attract the best and the brightest students.
President's Cirle: Leadership Level Supporters

President’s Circle members are leadership level donors who make up the backbone of support to Providence. Through an annual gift of $1,200 or more, these donors are committed to sustaining our mission of teaching people to grow in knowledge and character for leadership and service.

President’s Circle members are asked yearly to recommit their support, with recognition given at the end of each fiscal year. During the academic year, members will receive two special update letters from the President and a lapel pin, a staple uniting our foundational supporters together.

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Providence played a huge role in helping equip me to be a leader and to serve in the capacity that I do serve in as Director of Youth for Christ. …I’d encourage you to get behind this 2020 Campaign and invest in Providence. When you’re investing in Providence, you’re investing in people like me and future leaders.

John Courtney Alumnus, Winnipeg Youth for Christ Executive Director

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A $14.5M campaign to fulfill the Providence vision, to grow our enrollment and to secure our future.

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