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“I believe we need young people with strong, vibrant faith in the secular marketplaces around the world — some of them entrepreneurs, some of them business professionals, some of them in the non-profit sector.”

HERB BULLER President of the Buller Foundation, Providence


What Our Students Are Saying

My time here has been life-changing and I’m truly grateful for the opportunities and experiences I’ve had. Providence has shaped me and impacted me profoundly and without your contributions, Providence would not be what it is today and I would not be the person I am today.

RANDY BECHARD Alumnus 2017


Providence has the unique ability of gathering staff, faculty and students who are being shaped by love. One of Providence’s greatest strengths is its community and this community flourishes because of this love.

JORDAN REIMER Alumnus 2016


The field of science needs more Christians, those who will look at the world around them and see God’s fingerprints. Providence could play an important role in developing these kinds of scientists.

KELSEY ZAB Alumna 2011


Providence has taught me how to think deeply, explore differing perspectives, and hold on to what is true. It has opened my eyes to how others think about various issues, thereby equipping me to love others better.

BRENDYN DYCK Providence BTS and TESOL student


Providence has afforded me a place to explore God’s plan for me, develop business ideas, and take chances in my learning. My professors have stretched me and given me lots to think about.

NATASHA LOGE Buller School of Business student

What Our Staff and Faculty Are Saying

Providence has been blessed with an incredibly gifted and dedicated group of people. This half-million dollar investment will nourish their giftedness and propel their teaching, mentoring and service to an exciting new level.

CAMERON MCKENZIE University College Academic Dean


For over 90 years Providence has built into the lives of thousands of students who have made a difference in the world. With ongoing support of generous investors, we will continue to educate difference-makers for the Kingdom.



I believe that what I do is an act of service towards our students, and furthermore, that it lends support and builds up those alongside whom I serve. This is true of each employee of Providence. Each serves our students and community in some way, and each is extremely valuable to the life and character of this place.

MELANIE WARD Providence Women’s Resident Director, 2013 Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

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